Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A revelation of Ratology

Years back, I started blogging at ratology.blogspot.com.

It was about a day or two before I went back to the cuckoo's nest overlooking the Hudson river-- my last hospitalization locked behind the gated doors.

I still remember vividly today, how right before I got off work, I decided to take down "Down with Meds: A revelation of Ratology" and even closed down the associated email account entirely.

It was maybe Feb. 11, 2008 when this happened.

After I came out and became more in sync with the reality known by the rest of the human race, I tried to get ratology back but it simply could not be done... unapproachable like the life of jumping around like a grasshopper before...

Interestingly, when I tried it out again yesterday, I was able to recover my ratology back (or the URL back more accurately)... en route... I encountered Ratology of all different sorts.

So I ask myself: what is Ratology in Down with Meds?

Represented by the rest of the contents in this blog... I guess.

Perhaps, finally the solution emerges for the never-ending unfolding analyses?

Please refer to my current blogs for the other part of the blank.